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HyperGraphix has been bringing affordable proofreading and editing to individuals and businesses since 1991 and on the web since 1998, editing thousands of essays, blog posts, business, and personal documents for clients around the world. When you entrust your document with us, we will return a corrected ready to use document. Guaranteed.

From free proofreading to editing PhD dissertations, our mission is: Helping the World to Write in English.

Thank you for your exceptional service! I really appreciate your help. You are indeed the best proofreader/editor I could've asked for. I will definitely come back for your help in the future!
--Claudia, Vancouver, BC

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You need to know our service is thorough and professional before you make a payment. And you need to know this quickly. All new clients may request a sample edit before making payment. Select this option when you place an order. Your deadline is still 12 or 24 hours from the time you place your order. We will return the sample as quickly as we can. If you don't like our work, the sample is free.

HGPublishing is a great service. I had a fast and accurate turnaround, and I enjoyed dealing with one person. I would recommend this service to a friend, and I will use HGPublishing in the future for all of my documents.
--Bryan, Texas

Editing and Proofreading Prices

We have two price levels: 1.5 cents per word and 2.25 cents per word. Our prices match or beat our competitors. 24 hour return is standard, but you can order 12 hour return. We offer discounts longer documents or for 48 hour service. We also proofread PowerPoint presentations including notes for only $4 per slide. Compare our editing and proofreading prices to industry standards.

Editing and Proofreading

Essay Editing: We provide copy editing services for academic essays. This includes fixing all sentences, including punctuation, wording, grammar, spelling, and sense, plus paragraph transitions, citations and reference style (APA, MLA or other). Send us your writing and we will return a polished academic essay. New clients may request a sample edit.

Proofreading: Fix all typos, word use, grammar, and spelling. This service is suitable for all types of documents: personal, business or academic essays. New clients may request a trial edit.

Business and Personal Document Editing: Our highest level of editing service applied to non-academic documents such as reports, letters and resumes. We make your document shine. New clients may request a sample edit. The minimum price is only $10.

Thesis Editing is our highest level of academic copy editing priced for longer documents (over 8000 w0rds). New clients may request a trial edit.

PowerPoint Editing is priced based on the number of slides. At $4 per slide we will correct all slides, ensure consistent punctuation, capitalization, and word use as well as spelling, grammar and syntax. This includes both slides and notes. We will document all changes made, so you can ensure quality.

Free Services

Our mission is to help the world write in English. To accomplish this, in addition to our paid professional proofreading, we offer free proofreading for short passages. You can enter your text into a form, or upload a document. This can be for school, personal, or business use. However, there is a limit on the length of the document, and on how often you access the service.

Make sure your blog posts are written well. We can help. Sometimes the first impression the public has of your business is its blog, so don't let a poorly written blog lose you potential customers. We offer a variety of blog proofreading services. Free blog proofreading is available for our followers on the Google+ network. You can get a guaranteed 12 hour return for only $25.

Free Resources for Writing

Free Essay HelpFree Essay Writing Help: Do you need help writing essays? We can help. Visit our essay writing help pages for basic information on how to write better essays from the thesis to the conclusion. How to form a great thesis, types of essays, and how to improve your essay writing marks are just some of the topics addressed.

Free Grammar Help: Information on the 8 parts of speech, punctuation, and common mistakes in grammar and usage. Information about sentences, sentence fragments and run-on sentences. Ask us any grammar question and we will send a reply directly to your email.

Canadian ProofreadingClick here for Canadian Proofreading. We offer the same priced services through our sister site,

Personalized Services

Let me be your personal editor. My goal is to make your writing shine. I have over 30 years of experience, and I hold two university degrees, in English and in Education. I have written dozens of university essays myself and edited thousands more papers from first year essays to Master's theses and PhD dissertations. How can I help you with your writing?
--, BA, B.Ed.

Fast, affordable and reliable.
--Bob, USA

You edited my paper last semester and I got an A- for that; I was surprised that I could get an A and I wanted to say thank you!
--Felix, Vancouver, BC

Just to let you know that I received a 80% on the essay you helped me with!

Fast and wonderful service. This is the second year I have used HGPublishing to edit my children's essays for college applications. Great peace of mind in knowing they have put their best work forward.
--Sharon, Chicago IL

Thanks for your help in such a short time. I feel more confident about my assignment when handing it in.
--Joyce, Taiwan

I am very happy with the work that you provided for me. You took out my grammatical errors and enhanced the flow of my paper. I was worried that the paper would be completely different and I would have to be concerned about plagiarism but that did not happen. Nothing was changed, it was 100% my original work. Thank you so much.
--Name Withheld, USA

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