Business Document Editing

Editing service for all non-academic documents. Suitable for business letters, resumes, reports, marketing materials, personal documents, and all non-academic documents. Includes revision of sentences, transitions, wording, syntax, grammar and spelling to best communicate your message. All client data is kept secure and your document is treated as your confidential intellectual property.?

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PART 1: Service Details

Business Service: Improve document as much as possible. Review all text and make corrections.

This is our best quality service.

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Business Service
2.25 cents per word
$10 minimum
10% discount if over 2000 words with 48 hour return
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  • Correct all grammar and punctuation;
  • Edit for sense;
  • Edit for flow and logic and revise where improvements can be made;
  • Edit paragraph transitions and revise where improvements can be made;
  • Edited for length on request; surcharge added if document to be reduced by more than 10% of original length.
  • Make any other changes to improve overall quality of document
  • 24 hour return is standard;
  • One re-edit upon request.

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You can pay securely through PayPal or with a credit card processed through Stripe. Request an invoice if this is your first time using our service and you'd like a sample edit before paying.