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Review and correct your PowerPoint presentation. Includes revision of sentences, transitions, wording, syntax, grammar and spelling. Includes both slides and notes. All client data is kept secure and your document is treated as your confidential intellectual property.?

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Please check my Editing Calendar for upcoming vacation schedules and approximate workloads.

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PART 1: Service Details

PowerPoint Editing Service

PowerPoint slide editing. We will edit and proofread all slides and notes, and return a document with the presentation showing all changes we have made. Because the time for editing slides can vary greatly, we take a $25 deposit (minimum fee), and we will send an invoice for the estimated total cost based on $40 per hour. If you are unhappy with the estimate, cancel, and we will refund the deposit. The average cost is about $4 per slide. Most projects can be completed within 24 hours, but I can't guarantee the timing until I've seen the job.

  • All slides checked for grammar, spelling, syntax, and sense;
  • All notes edited for grammar, spelling, syntax, and sense;
  • All changes documented
  • Minimum charge $25

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The miniumum price is $25. An invoice will be sent based on our estimated cost. Your payment is refunded if you don't like the final price.

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You can pay securely through PayPal or with a credit card processed through Stripe. Request an invoice if this is your first time using our service and you'd like a sample edit before paying.