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Send your thesis or a chapter of your thesis for a trial edit. Enter the full length of your thesis in the form to see the cost and timing for editing. We will return your sample edit of 1000 words as soon as possible with an invoice. If you are happy with the sample edit, just pay the invoice and we will complete the editing within the specified timeframe. Or you can send an updated version when you are ready for your final edit, knowing the time and the cost for editing your thesis. If you don't like the trial edit, you owe nothing.

The estimated price below is based on a standard rate. If your thesis is well-written and not too technically complex (i.e., in social sciences with APA referencing), we may offer a discount on the posted price.

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Thesis Trial Edit

This form constitutes our contract for service; please read all sections carefully.

1000 word trial edit. Improve document as much as possible. Review all text and make corrections.

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Thesis Editing
$120 first 6000 words
1.75 cents per additional words
Discount may be applied at our discretion
  • Correct all grammar and punctuation;
  • Edit for sense;
  • Edit for flow and logic and revise where improvements can be made;
  • Edit paragraph transitions and revise where improvements can be made;
  • Edit reference style for in-text references and reference list
  • Make any other changes to improve overall quality of document
  • Timing: 1 day per 6000 words

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