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Cheap proofreading: 1.5 cents per word

Proofreading should be affordable! Our cheap proofreading is unlimited: Any document, any length, any time. 24 hour return guaranteed (up to 5000 words). Order on-line 24/7. Just upload your document and it will be returned within 24 hours (up to 5000 words) 1.5 cents per word, no extra costs. Or choose our advanced service for up to 5000 words with 24 hour return. Longer documents returned based on 24 hours per 5000 words. Our proofreading service is cheap; our quality is high.


Cheap Proofreading Service
Service Length Guaranteed
Editing 0 - 300 words 24 hours $10 Order Now
Editing 301 - 600 words 24 hours $15 Order Now
Editing 601-900 words 24 hours   $22.50 Order Now
Proofreading Any 24 hours
per 6000 words
YES 1.5 cents/
Order Now
Editing Any 24 hours
per 6000 words
YES 1.75 cents/
Order Now
Editing up to
3000 words
YES + 50% Order Now

Cheap proofreading details

We will return your document grammatically correct to university standards. Upload your document right now and request a no-obligation 300 word sample edit (for documents over 900 words). You don't have to pay until you see our work, and the sample edit is free if you don't like the service. 24 hour proofreading is our standard, but you can also order 12 hour editing. The price is cheap; the quality is not. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

But wait! There's more. Our basic proofreading service has a minimum charge of $20. If your document is 600 words or fewer, you can save money by ordering business editing or essay editing because the minimum for advanced editing service is only $10. Use coupon code Save$$ for 10% off.

Use coupon code Save$$ for 10% discount on essay editing.

My first experience with Hypergraphix was phenomenal. Excellent work, fair price and prompt service. Couldn't ask for more. What really sold it for me was how Peter genuinely cared for what I needed in my work while giving me advice on how to improve as well. I feel more confident than ever in what I'm submitting to university and I can't thank him enough. Will definitely be coming back for his help in the future.
--Sandra, Vancouver, BC

Cheap proofreading: fast return

Many other services offer low prices, but their return times can be up to 7 days! We offer 24 hour return, or 12 hour return for a small surcharge! Your return time is guaranteed from the time you place your order.

Our service is superior. Send us your essay and we will return a polished, complete essay with your ideas presented in the best format possible. There's no danger of plagiarism because it's your work, only better.

I am very happy with the work that you provided for me. You took out my grammatical errors and enhanced the flow of my paper. I was worried that the paper would be completely different and I would have to be concerned about plagiarism but that did not happen. Nothing was changed, it was 100% my original work. Thank you so much.
--Name Withheld, USA

Our cheapest proofreading is 1.5 cents per word. That's around $4.25 for a standard page. Minimum $20. 24 hour proofreading. This is the best service for someone who can write competently in English, but wants an expert to catch any errors. Why pay more if all you need is the grammar fixed?

Cheap Essay Editing

We also offer advanced editing at only 1.75 cents per word for essays over 900 words. This is for essays that need a little more help than our cheapest proofreading can provide, such as ESL errors, syntax errors, and errors in APA or other citation styles. Choose this service if you think your sentences will need to be substantially revised. Even so, at $5.62 per 250 word page, this is cheaper than most other editing services. Minimum $10. 24 hour return, and most essays submitted before 3 pm are returned the same day. You can also order 12 hour service, or get 10% off documents over 2000 words long when you give us 48 hours (2.25 cents per word = $6 per page). Return times are guaranteed, based on your submission time.

If it's short why charge more? Some services have minimum fees up to $90! Our cheapest price: Documents under 900 words are priced at $10 for up to 300 words; $15 for 301 to 600 words; and $22.50 for 601 to 900 words. Use coupon code Save$$ for 10% off posted price.

Cheap Thesis Editing

Advanced editing for a thesis, or an essay over 30 pages is priced at $180 for the first 8000 words (approx 30 pages) plus $5 per additional 300 words (1.67 cents per word). On the other hand, if you only need basic proofreading for your thesis, you can still opt for 1.5 cents per word, or about $4 per page.

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1.5 cents/word; $10 min; 7 days a week

4 cents per word for student essays in 24 hours

1.5 cents per word for basic; 1.75 for advanced in 24 hours

$12 per page

$6.18 per page for advanced

We have the cheapest essay editing prices. But we also have the best service. You can't beat our prices or service!

How it works

24 hour return is standard; for editing service, you can choose 12-hour service for a 50% surcharge. The exact time of return depends on my schedule, but your return time based on your order time is guaranteed.

Choose the level of service you desire and upload your essay through the appropriate form. For new clients with essays over 900 words long, we will edit the first 300 words and return the trial edit with an invoice. If you like the work, then pay the invoice and we will finish the job. If not, then ignore the invoice and the editing is free. If your essay is under 900 words, sorry no free trial edit, you can upload your essay and pay the fee. Nonetheless, every edit comes with a money-back guarantee.


I wouldn't trust an editing service that also sells essays. How do you know they don't use your essay as a template for the next guy's? Second, clearly they do not value your education. I'm a teacher. I see my service as a way to help you learn to improve your academic writing, not just gain better grades in the short term. Every client is treated as an important individual. I treat all documents as confidential intellectual property belonging to you. I will never re-sell or post any portion of your essay on any publicly accessible computer. Your essay will never be flagged for plagiarism as a result of my work.

Low Overhead

I keep prices low by keeping costs low. I designed and built this website myself, so if it's not as fancy and slick as my competitors, it's because it's saving you money. I rarely advertise on Google AdWords; I depend on your searching for things like "cheap proofreading". I don't hire consultants to make me number one in the search engines. I could pay more and have a fancy PayPal shopping cart, but I designed my own system. And my clients are loyal; I've had a number of clients stick me from their application essays all the way through their undergraduate writing to grad school. They recommend me to their friends. And the truth is, I don't want to be a big business. I want to deliver a high quality proofreading service to a select range of clients. And that's what I do.